5 Ways to Make your Human Hair Weave look Natural

Hair  -  8/02/2024
5 Ways to Make your Human Hair Weave look Natural

Is that your real hair? This is one question every sister who wears weaves, would like to be asked at least once in a while. Many people would like their human hair extensions to look real and blend seamlessly with their own natural hair. Along with the joys of having your human hair weave comes the stress of maintaining it.

But there are a few things you can do to make your weave look so natural.

Here’s what we have in mind.

  1. Choose a good color match

One thing that makes human hair extensions scream fake is a color that is completely different from your natural hair color. If you are leaving part of your natural hair at the front, make sure the human hair weave is just the perfect shade. Use the ends of your hair to determine which shade of weave blends best.

  1. Always buy 100% virgin human hair

It’s hard to make synthetic hair look natural. With 100% human hair you can style and wash the weave whenever you want just as you would do to your normal hair. You can blow dry, set and tong your hair and make it look much more natural. You can also choose curly, straight or wavy hair extensions with texture that matches your hair perfectly.


  1. Choose the right application

There are so many techniques and applications for human hair weaves. Sew-ins are mostly common because it’s easy to make the hair extensions look natural and also make it last longer. Choose your hair stylist wisely and make sure they are well versed with the weaving technique you prefer. Don’t try to sew in a weave on your own.

  1. Proper styling is key

A good human hair weave can be styled in any way you like. You can ask your stylist to trim it and add a few layers so that it blends with your natural hair. Sometimes the extra-long human hair extensions tend to look unnatural. When curling the hair, try and blend it with your own natural hair and curl them together. It will make it harder for someone to tell where the extensions begin.

  1. Deep condition the hair

Deep conditioning, when done at least every few weeks can make the human hair weave maintain its lustrous look. It helps to avoid the hair drying out especially when it’s hot. Choose a good conditioner that is designed for human hair and you’ll see how it maintains your weave.   

Most importantly, you need to invest in your hair. Buy a high quality human hair weave that you can re-use and have it installed by a professional. It’s much smarter for you to buy high quality hair once that you can use whenever you want your weave done than buying cheap hair that you’ll only use once.