1. How do I place an order?

Follow instructions in our order placement guide here.

    If you have any issues placing your order, feel free to call, text or WhatsApp us on 0700 5524 56 or contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or web live chat.

    2. Where do you get your weaves?

    We sell high-quality human hair extensions sourced from Peru and India. We also have a range of Brazilian weaves sourced from the best suppliers in the market.

    3. When will I get the weave if I place an order?

    Delivery is dependent on your location. If ordering in Nairobi you can get your order as early as the same day depending on the order confirmation. For orders outside of Nairobi, the standard delivery timeline is 2-3 days depending on confirmed payment, your delivery preference and time of order confirmation. Customer Service is happy to find the best delivery time for you.

    4. Do you deliver? How do you charge for delivery?

    We deliver our products countrywide. Delivery costs are based on location.


    Orders within Nairobi

    Same Day

    Next Day

    Order under 5,000

    Ksh 300

    Ksh 250

    Order Above 5,000

    Ksh 250


    Orders outside Nairobi

    Same Day

    Next Day

    Order under 5,000


    Ksh 250

    Order Above 5,000


    Ksh. 250


    5. Do you accept cash on delivery?

    No, all payments should be made using our MPESA paybill number 638620.

    6. How can I pay?

    BeautyClick allows you to pay via our MPESA paybill number 638620. When you place your order on our website, this payment option will be displayed.

    7. Are your prices negotiable?

    We have already discounted our prices to make them very competitive. All our prices are not negotiable.

    8. I have received the hair but I don’t like it?

    You can return the hair to us so long as it is in the same state it was delivered. Please see the return policy for more details (hyperlink)

    9. How many packs or bundles should I buy for a full head?

    If you are buying anything shorter than 16 inches two to three bundles are enough. For 18 inches or longer, we recommend three to four bundles. Overall, it depends on the volume of hair and the look you want. The fuller the look, the more bundles needed.

    10. Can I use the weave if I have natural hair?

    Certainly yes! We offer hair closures which allow you to have a complete protective style with no need to relax your hair. You can have your natural hair plaited and then have the weave sewed in with a closure.

    11. Do you offer wigs?

    We have a variety of attractive wigs in stock to choose from.

    12. What’s the difference between Peruvian, Indian and Brazilian hair?

    The quality of our virgin hair extensions remains the same regardless of the type you choose. The major difference in Peruvian, Indian and Brazilian hair is the texture and their reaction to heat and styling.

    Peruvian hair has a coarser texture compared to Brazilian hair. Peruvian tends to curl more when wet and offers a natural fullness and body. Indian hair is very silky and soft to touch. Brazilian hair is extremely versatile and known to maintain its curly texture very well.

    13. Can I get help in choosing a suitable style?

    Our customer care line is always open in case you need advice on the type of hair to choose based on your desired look. We can also recommend you to visit one of our top hairdressers in Kenya for additional advice.

    14. How do I maintain my weave at home?

    Your weave needs to be properly maintained in order to last long. Here’s a useful blog on how to maintain your weave: Tips to maintain your weave. Hyperlink?

    15. Do you offer weaving services?

    BeautyClick is an online shop that sells dry hair products and makeup. We do not offer any weaving services. However, we can recommend a suitable hairdresser in the region to do your hair.

    16. What weave and wig colors do you have?

    Our human hair extensions are stocked in colors 1B and 2. However, you can dye the hair to achieve any color you want since it’s 100% virgin human hair. Wigs and synthetic weaves come in a variety of shades shown on the website.

    17. Where do you get your makeup from?

    We stand by the quality of the makeup we sell. All the makeup we carry is from authorized distributors of each brand either locally or overseas.

    18. Does Makeup Expire?

    There is no definitive answer but once opened makeup expires between 4 months and 2 years, depending on makeup type, usage, and exposure to bacteria. As a guide, keep makeup away from heat and don’t use your fingers to apply it. If the colour or smell change or if it irritates your skin, stop using the product.

    18. How do I learn which makeup is best for me?

    Our Customer Service are trained to consultant and provide beauty advice. Just contact our agents for tips and suggestions the best products for your needs.

    19. Do you have a physical store?

    No, we sell our hair directly through our online shop or through agent shops online. This allows you to order our products wherever you are in the country at any time through our online platform.  If you’re in Nairobi, you are welcome to visit our showroom in Westlands along Muthithi Road, Mitsumi Business Park, 9th Floor during office hours.

    20. Where are you located?

    Our administrative office is situated at Mitsumi Business Park, Muthithi Road, Westlands.