6 Makeup Lessons from a Kenyan Makeup Artist

Skin Care, skincare  -  8/02/2024
6 Makeup Lessons from a Kenyan Makeup Artist

She’s one of the popular makeup artists in Kenya with a string of celebrity clients including Ajuma and Anyiko. On most days, you’ll find her at BeautyClick providing one-on-one makeup advice to clients walking into the showroom. Mary Omollo is very low-key but she’s never afraid to speak out about poor makeup decisions many of her clients make.

We asked Mary for her 6-ultimate makeup do’s and don’ts and then came up with the list below:

Makeup lesson 1: You’ve got to find the perfect shade

          Always test foundation on your jaw bone and not on your hand.

          Foundation should be the exact match of your skin tone not a shade lighter or darker.

          If you have an oily face, choose foundation that has a matte finish.

          If you have dry skin, choose oily or combination foundation types.

          Match your face and neck to the same foundation shade.

          Always check your makeup under natural light.

Makeup lesson 2: How to make your foundation last longer

          Apply moisturizer and then primer before applying the foundation

          Find a brand of foundation that is designed to last longer like Nouba, Revlon and NOTE foundations

          Use a brush or beauty blender to apply your foundation if you’re looking for a smooth and perfect finish.

          Always apply powder after the foundation.

Makeup lesson 3: Applying eyeshadow

          If you want your eyeshadow to last longer then use an eyelid primer or concealer as a base

          Apply the eyeshadow using a brush

Makeup lesson 4: Apply using your fingertips

Using your fingers to apply foundation gives it a stunning, translucent finish that is almost impossible to achieve with a sponge or brush. Using your fingers to apply your cream shadow and blush because it allows the product to melt onto the skin and give you a gorgeous finish.

Makeup lesson 5: The power of mascara

Don’t skip mascara because it works beautifully to transform your look. Mascara opens up the eyes making them feel dramatic and brighter. You can wear mascara alone on a day you don’t feel like getting a complete face beat.

Makeup lesson 6: Practice, practice, practice

You’ll never know what works best for you until you try it. Don’t be afraid to explore new techniques and colors with your makeup. Most importantly, practice how to do your makeup and you’ll perfect the technique.