7 Easy steps to apply Concealer

Healthy skin  -  7/02/2024
7 Easy steps to apply Concealer

Introducing concealer, a makeup essential designed to conceal blemishes, dark undereye bags, and other skin imperfections, playing a pivotal role in achieving an even and flawless complexion. However, mastering the art of concealer application can be challenging, especially if you’re uncertain about the correct technique. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to apply concealer like a seasoned professional.

1. Choose the right shade

The initial step in applying concealer is selecting the right shade. Opt for a color that closely matches your skin tone. If uncertain, test a couple of shades on the back of your hand or near the area you intend to conceal on your face. The correct hue will blend seamlessly with your skin, providing a natural appearance.

2. Prep your skin

Preparing your skin is a crucial step before applying concealer. Begin by gently cleansing your skin, followed by the application of a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer. This creates a smooth base for your concealer, preventing creasing or settling into fine lines.

3. Apply foundation

If you use foundation, apply it first to establish a base for your concealer and even out your skin tone. Ensure thorough blending, with particular attention to the edges of your face.

4. Apply concealer

Gently apply a small amount of concealer to the targeted area using either a finger or a small brush. Begin with a modest amount and adjust as needed. Prior to concealer application, consider using a color corrector to eliminate any discoloration. For instance, use a green color corrector to conceal redness, a peach or orange one for dark circles, and a yellow one for purple or blue veins.

5. Blend

After applying the concealer, use a small brush or your finger to blend it in. Ensure thorough blending, especially along the edges. For a more natural finish, consider blending the concealer with a makeup sponge. Achieving a seamless and natural appearance is essential through effective blending.

6. Set your concealer

To ensure long-lasting wear, set your concealer with powder. Use a small brush to apply a translucent powder over the concealed area. This step minimizes the chances of your concealer fading or creasing throughout the day.

7. Touch up as needed

Throughout the day, you may need to reapply your concealer. If you notice any fading or creasing, use a fresh finger or brush to reblend the concealer. Additionally, a small amount of powder can be applied to help set it in place.

In conclusion, applying concealer is not as challenging as it may appear. By following these simple guidelines, you can achieve a flawless, natural-looking complexion. Ensure you choose the right shade, prepare your skin, blend thoroughly, and set your concealer for long-lasting wear. With these tips, you’ll master the art of concealer application in no time.