7 Things You Need to Grow Strong and Healthy Hair

Hair  -  8/02/2024
7 Things You Need to Grow Strong and Healthy Hair

Give your hair some TLC (tender loving care) and watch it grow strong and healthy. If you make it a habit to neglect or mistreat your hair, don’t be surprised if it continues to get weaker and weaker. Common signs of hair that is not well-maintained are splitting and breakage. What most people don’t know is, it takes more time to build hair up again when it’s damage.

That said, let’s make a conscious effort to take better care of our hair. We’ll start with these few tips:

Protein treatments: They help to foster hair growth and enhance hair strength. Eggs are high in protein so choose treatments that have eggs, or better yet, make your own using some natural ingredients at home.

Vitamin rich moisturizers and conditioners: These ones help to add elasticity to your hair. When hair loses its elasticity, it becomes brittle, splits and encounters massive damage. Moisturizers and hair conditioners that contain vitamins help to supplement the natural oils in your scalp.

Scalp treatments: Scalp stimulation really works. It helps to ensure you continue producing the oils your hair needs to look and feel shiny. Look for scalp treatments that are readily available in the market.

Allow your hair to relax by using a high quality human hair weave and closure.

Nutrients: You need to eat healthy because these nutrients will help to expedite hair growth. One important nutrient that you may consider supplementing is biotin. Research shows that it greatly contributes to hair growth.

Brush Hair Gently: When you use too much force when brushing your hair, you tend to remove its tensile strength. Use the right brush and don’t over-brush your hair. Brushing once or twice a day is enough.

Use natural and organic hair products: Chemical free hair products are the best because they don’t dry your hair out. Most of these chemicals should be completely avoided if you start having hair problems.

Always use a heat protectant: Heat is a great enemy of hair. If you have to use styling tools, make sure you use heat protectants that are designed for your hair, whether fine, normal or thick. Don’t shower with water that’s too hot because it may damage the roots of your hair.

Other tips:

          DO NOT tie your hair with elastics that are too tight or too thin

          DO allow your hair to dry naturally if possible

          DO squeeze water gently out of your hair instead of rubbing it with a towel

          DO use a wide toothed comb to detangle wet hair

Most importantly, install a high quality human hair weave that you can wash, curl and treat just like your own hair. You don’t have to expose your hair to dyes and relaxers. Just get a good weave and you can play around with color and styling tools without damaging your hair. BeautyClick has different styles of weaves and wigs available for you. SHOP HERE.