7 Tips to Ensure Your Weave Doesn’t Tangle

Hair  -  8/02/2024
7 Tips to Ensure Your Weave Doesn’t Tangle

If you love the convenience and versatility of sew-ins, learn how to take good care of your bundles to ensure they serve you for the longest time. A lot of times, your weave will start to tangle and shed simply because of poor maintenance. Below, we’ll share some great tips to help you take better care of your extensions as well as your natural hair underneath.

  1.        Pick a high-quality weave

If you want to avoid the stress of dealing with hair extensions that tangle and shed, opt for 100% virgin human hair weaves. Human hair weaves make your life so much easier because they have a texture that blends with your natural air and you can also play around with the styling. Pick a high quality weave to avoid disappointment.

  1.        Comb and detangle the weave gently

One major mistake that most women make is being too rough when combing and detangling the sew-in weave. Remember that the tracks are sewn to your hair underneath. As you continue to pull the extensions, you can cause damage to your natural hair underneath. Detangling should be done from the bottom up.

  1.        Wash the hair extensions with the right product

Choose a sulphate-free shampoo to wash your human hair weave. The reason is that a sulphate-free shampoo doesn’t dry the weave as much as one that has sulphate would. Furthermore, if the weave has been dyed, the sulphate free shampoo is gentle and will not wash away the dye. If you often take the weave to a stylist for washing, ask what kind of shampoo they’ll use on the hair.

  1.        Avoid glue-ins

Glue-in weaves may appear more natural because they tend to sit on the scalp without the bumps that cornrows sometimes have. However, the glue can be harsh on your hair underneath. Ask your stylist to plait small braids and intricately place them to ensure your sew-in weave looks just as natural.

  1.        Avoid applying too much product

When you apply too much products such as oils and aerosol sprays on your weave, you can create build up and cause it to smell. You can simply use some leave-in conditioner to damp the hair and prevent it from frizzing.

  1.        Don’t over-use heat

The use of curling tools and flat irons can gradually mess your hair extensions. If you really need to get those beautiful curls and waves, you can plait jumbo braids or bantu knots and allow them to stay overnight.

  1.        Be gentle when washing

Follow the right procedure when washing your weave. Don’t rub the hair extensions, just simply brush them in an up and down motion and then allow them to dry when clean. It’s better to detangle the hair extensions when wet.

You can also go through these 8 reasons why your weave tangles and sheds. We hope this information helps you to take better care of your hair extensions.