8 Reasons Why your Weave Doesn’t Look So Good

Hair  -  8/02/2024
8 Reasons Why your Weave Doesn’t Look So Good

Many women buy human hair weaves in Kenya just to add fullness and length to their hair or change up their look. Weaves tend to give your hair a rest. But what happens when you have a weave installed and end up looking like a hot mess? We spoke to our favorite top hairstylists in Kenya and they gave us some amazing tips to prevent any of the common mishaps from happening to you.

Go through these important tips and you’ll thank us later.

  1.        Your hairline is damaged

Losing your hairline is never fun. It can quickly make you look hideous even when you buy a weave and have it nicely installed. One way to avoid a receding hairline is to make sure your human hair extensions are not installed too tightly. Stay away from tight braids and ting your hair in a ponytail, especially when sleeping, because it causes pulls the hairline even more.

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  1.        You don’t wash your weave

Washing your hair and weave is important if you don’t want it to pick up funny scents, dirt and debris. Even though you can wash your Indian hair weave at home, you are advised to visit a stylist who can ensure the natural hair underneath is properly washed and gets dry. If you are left with dampness on your scalp or weave after washing, you create room for mildew growth and shedding of the weave.

  1.        The hair is synthetic and has an unnatural sheen

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing synthetic hair, cheap hair can look cheap, cheap, cheap. It gets worse when you have a cheap weave improperly installed. Think of the time and energy you’ll spend on having synthetic hair and just invest in a good human hair weave in Kenya.

  1.        Weave doesn’t blend with your hair

Here’s the mistake that many women make: They put on a weave that has a completely different style with their hair and still leave the hair open. You can’t wear a straight weave and have curly hair or vice versa. Try and match the texture and color of your weave with that of your hair. 

  1.        That’s not how the weave should be styled!!

When the hairstylist installs your weave, he/she already knows how you can style it. That’s why the hairdresser will ask how you want to style the weave before installing it. You can’t always wear a weave in a ponytail if it wasn’t styled to be worn like that.

  1.        It just wasn’t put on right!

Sometimes your weave is good but the hairstylist didn’t do you any justice by having it properly installed. You’ve probably seen weaves where you can actually see the sew-in tracks. Such weave fails can be avoided by choosing a good hairdresser. Look for someone who has experience in installing human hair weaves in Kenya.

  1.        The weave looks like a wig

There’s nothing wrong with wigs but when your weave is done and it looks like a wig, you know something’s not right. Human hair extensions are not supposed to be installed in a way that they look very unnatural.

  1.        Your weave looks so big

If you scratch your head and the whole thing moves, there’s something wrong with the weave installation. Sometimes this happens when the hair is too tightly done. It’s uncomfortable and the pulling can lead to hairloss.

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