Raise your hand if you don’t know what this picture below represents (don’t be shy)

When do you know that it is time to throw away that tube of foundation?

We have the answer for you today!

When bread goes bad, there are few indicators that are a sure tell. The foul smell, the black mold, some hard texture, and for those brave enough to do a taste test, the strange taste.

How do we know our favorite beauty products that cost an arm and a leg have gone bad?

Where do we draw the line on using products that could actually harm us? There are some tell signs that you have to be keen on!

  1. Slight discoloration; No, your eyes are not deceiving you, the product color has changed.
  2. It develops some strange odor; They no longer smell like roses and strawberries on a summer day
  3. The consistency changes; Used to be smooth and silky like a luxurious dream but now it is all lumpy.

If these factors don’t waver you, ponder on the duration you have had this product for. When did you buy it and when did you start using it? Unopened products can last between one to three years but after the grand opening, the timer starts counting down from one year for most products.

Some products are kind enough to indicate the date of expiry but some just draw an open can with a strange number on it. (Psssssst, that number indicates the months this product will be like daisies, Fresh *wink*)

It is important to not prolong the life of a product for the sake of it. When the time is up just visit our website and do another purchase. There are many deals that come up every month and they are for YOU.

We try to keep things fresh by providing you with different brands. You can decide this month to try out Revlon, the next Maybelline, the next Zaron and so on. This can also be the case for skincare products.

Fair warning though, everything depends with you and what your skin responds to!

Not sure about anything? Worry not! We have EXPERIENCED Beauty Advisors who will hold your hand (not physically, Corona is still a thing) and guide you to the very best. BeautyClick is inspired by YOU!

Leave a comment below. Tell us, is there a product you have overstretched it’s lifespan?