Are You Applying Your Matte Lipstick Correctly?

Lips, Lipstick  -  9/02/2024
Are You Applying Your Matte Lipstick Correctly?


Nothing makes a fashion statement better than a great outfit and matte lipstick.

While Matte lipsticks make you look beautiful and elegant, how you apply it can make a big difference between wao! and ouch! Don’t be guilty of the below reasons why your matte lipstick doesn’t look as good as it should. Our Nouba Millebaci lipsticks achieve all the elegance matte lipsticks give if applied correctly. Application is an art.

The lipstick looks rough after application:

Dry and dead skin makes lipstick look uneven and rough. Exfoliate your lips to get rid of the dead skin. This will leave your lips so soft your matte lipstick will glide smoothly leaving no bumps. Don’t worry if you do not have lip scrub. You can mix olive oil with some sugar and honey to make your own lip scrub at home.

The Lipstick dries out your lips.

The matte finish means less oil in the formulation and that means less moisture. To prevent the matte lipstick from drying your lips out you need to add the moisture yourself to seal in the hydration. You can moisturize your lips with your favorite lip balm. While you’d want to keep your lips moisturized and not glossy, use a non-greasy lip balm throughout the day. This will also prevent your lipstick from creasing.

Pro tip: After moisturizing don’t apply your matte lipstick right away to avoid the lipstick looking creamy. Finnish the rest of your face as you let the moisture settle in.

Your Lipstick Smudges

Use a lip pencil that exactly matches your lipstick to outline your lips; then swipe your Nouba Millebaci matte lipstick to fill the entire lip area to achieve a perfect outline. When done, take a clean tissue and place it between your upper and lower lip to remove the excess lipstick. If your lipstick looks uneven you can correct it using a concealer or your shade of foundation.

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