Are You Loyal to a Specific Salon or Hairdresser ?

Uncategorized  -  7/02/2024
Are You Loyal to a Specific Salon or Hairdresser ?

After visiting a particular salon or stylist more than a few times, we tend to establish a long and loyal relationship with the professional or beauty center. We are all attracted to different things. It could be the salon’s cleanliness, friendly hairdressers or their exceptional and fast service.

We all know those salons where you’ll rush to braid your hair because you know they’re fast and affordable (even though their cleanliness and professionalism may be wanting). Others offer you such great customer service that you don’t mind going broke every time you step out their door.

So what are some of the reasons why you are loyal to your salon or a particular stylist. We spoke to a couple of women regarding their experiences with different hairdressers in Kenya. Here’s what they had to say.

Q: Are you loyal to a particular hairdresser?

Faith: No, I love change when it comes to hairstyles and not every hairdresser is able to pull off what I want done on my hair. I have moved so often that I normally visit the salon that’s nearby to save time.

Florence: Yes, I can’t trust anyone else with my hair. My stylist Raphael has been doing my hair since high school. I have a specific person who does my nails, retouch and braiding. If they are not available, I will trust any other person they recommend me to. But I usually prefer having my stylist.

Barbara: Yes, I’ve had very few people do my hair in a long time. Once I find a good stylist, I tend to stick to him/her.

Q: Have you ever broken up with a hairdresser and why?

Faith: There’s a hairdresser I used to visit very frequently but I stopped going to her salon because she was taking too much time to get my hair done. She was having too many clients walking in and would leave the one she’s currently working on to attend others. I couldn’t stand it. 

Florence: Yes. I can never visit a salon or hairdresser once the previous experience was dissatisfactory. It could be due to the lack of skill, lack of cleanliness or being overcharged.

Barbara: Not really. If I have an issue with a stylist, I try and discuss it with them but move on if they don’t have solutions to my problems.

Q: Are you loyal to a specific salon?

Faith: No, I usually visit a salon that is close to where I live and I often find myself looking for a different one every other year.

Florence: No, I can say that am more loyal to a particular hairdresser. If he moves to a different salon, I am likely to move with him.

Barbara: Yes, I only visit one salon in my area. Unless am out of town, I can’t go anywhere else.

Q: Have you ever moved a salon and why?

Faith: There’s a salon I stopped going to because it was too unhygienic. The towels were dirty, floors were never swept and they used tools on every client without disinfecting them. It was too much.

Florence: I once went to a salon that had really poor customer service. You walk in and no one pays attention to you. I’ve never gone back.

Barbara: Yes, I moved because the stylist I was familiar with moved out of town.

Q: How many times do you visit the salon in a month?

Faith: I normally visit the salon twice a month but it depends on the hairstyle. Braids usually take longer and I can stay with them for up to a month.

Florence: It can be two or more times, depending on the style.

Barbara: At least 3 times a month. I need to wash my hair frequently and I find it hard doing it at home.

Q: What’s the one thing that can make you never visit a salon or a stylist ever again?

Faith: Poor hygiene

Florence: Poor customer service

Barbara: Lack of skill.


Have you ever broken up with your hairdresser and for what reason? Are you super loyal to a particular salon or stylist? We’d love to know. Share your sentiments below.

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