Colouring your human hair extension

Uncategorized  -  7/02/2024
Colouring your human hair extension

Are you contemplating on changing the color of your human hair weave? If you are considering this then knowing how to color human hair weaves using the right products is key. Working with a high quality hair product will yield great results.


Tips on how to color human hair weaves

To maximize the beauty of those products here are some tips on how to color human hair weaves.

1. Use low ammonia products

Ask anyone who knows how to color human hair weaves and they’ll advice you to stay away from ammonia based products. It is not advisable to use  ammonia products on human hair weaves because  one is depositing color to the hair and not covering gray hair. It is advisable to avoid ammonia  when dyeing your human hair as this may affect the end result.

2. Do a strand test

Human hair extensions do not react the same as our natural hair because they are dyed with fabric acid pre-metalized dye which are permanent and tend to react to hydrogen peroxide. This means that when oxidizing tints comes in contact with the hair extensions, the end color may not be what is expected. It is therefore advisable to test it to a strand of the hair extension first to see how the chosen color turns out. By so doing, the hair color can be adjusted until the desire shade is achieved.

 3. Use little Hydrogen Peroxide

Human hair weaves are said to be dryer than the natural scalp hair and it is not advisable to use too much hydrogen peroxide to prevent the human hair extension from dryer further when dyed. Excess hydrogen peroxide can also ruin light colored human hair extensions. Stylists who know how to color human hair weaves always advise on using cream-based hydrogen peroxide as it is more gentle to the hair.

4. Brush Body of human hair

Before applying dye to the hair extension, it is advisable to brush the hair out so it fans out thinly. this helps to apply the hair color evenly on the hair extension. When brushing or handling the hair extension, hold the top of the bundles firmly to avoid shedding and pulling out  glued tips.

5. Cover hair extension tips with Plastic Wraps

Protect the tips of the hair extension by covering it with plastic wraps when applying the dye. It is not advisable to apply hair color close to the roots as it degrades the quality of the adhesive either in the poly or cylinder tips.

6. Check the hair color frequently

It is important to always check the hair color every 4-5 minutes. On light hair colors the color result can happen very quickly due to low moisture content of bleached hair. Darker shades can take 30-40 minutes before the dye settles in completely.

7. Rinse carefully when done

When dye is deposits completely, rinse the hair extension holding the roots up so that the water runs downwards.  Remove the plastic wrap from roots and towel dry. Gently brush the hair out and shake to loosen hair strands. It can be air dried or dried with low heat.

I hope these tips on how to color human hair weaves will come in handy. Remember to choose a suitable hair dresser if you want it done by a professional. And just in case you are looking for high quality human hair weaves that you can color and style however you want, visit BeautyClick shop for the best deals in town.