Deep Conditioning Treatment – The Secret to Strengthening Dry and Brittle Hair

Uncategorized  -  8/02/2024
Deep Conditioning Treatment – The Secret to Strengthening Dry and Brittle Hair

If you got dry and brittle hair, here’s a little secret to turn things around. To put moisture back into your hair and strengthen it from the roots, you’ll need to deep condition the right way and using a good product. Surprisingly, human hair weaves need deep conditioning too. It helps to avoid tangling and keep the hair lasting for longer.

What is deep conditioning?

To put it simply, deep conditioning is the process of applying important ingredients to the hair in order to strengthen and moisturize it. It can be done using a protein treatment or natural oils used at home.

What are the benefits of deep conditioning hair treatment?

Deep conditioning is normally done to prevent hair breakage and improve the overall condition of your hair and scalp. When done on virgin human hair weaves, deep conditioning is meant to strengthen the strands of human hair.

Should you use a moisture or protein treatment?

When hair has too much protein, it becomes stiff and hard. When it has too much moisture, it becomes too soft and easy to break.  It’s very important to have a protein and moisture balance in your hair. What you can do is to pay attention to how your hair feels after you treat it. You can combine moisture treatments together with protein treatments to find the perfect balance.

How to find the right hair treatment

Not every deep conditioning treatment is right for your hair or human hair weave. First things first, you need to go through the list of ingredients. Make sure there’s water and other important ingredients like keratin, collagen, wheat and honey. Creamy moisturizing treatments are best for thick hair.


How to deep condition your human hair weave

Here’s how to deep condition your human hair weave.

  • First, get your favorite shampoo and deep conditioner ready.
  • Apply a generous amount on the hair and then let it set overnight in a plastic bag.
  • You can even place the hair in a microwave in a plastic bag for a minute.
  • Once you deep condition, rinse off the deep conditioner and then let the hair dry.

P.S : Do not blow-dry the human hair weave because it will dry it out.

Don’t worry about the look of your weave after it dries, just take it to your stylist and have it installed. So long as you buy virgin human hair weave online, you’ve got nothing to worry about.