Hairline Thinning-Bring Back the Life in Your Hair

Uncategorized  -  7/02/2024
Hairline Thinning-Bring Back the Life in Your Hair

Hair is a very important feature for Kenyan ladies and that is the more reason why they fall prey to the ever changing hairstyles in Kenya. In some cases, loss of hair by Kenyan ladies has been said to result in depression, low self-esteem, and loss of confidence among other side effects.

With the new hair trends in the market today the Kenyan hairstyles are becoming more and more advanced and impressive making ladies overlook their hair protection and growth at the expense of looking good. These lovely hairstyles come with several downfalls that should be looked into before visiting your hairdresser.


Some of the most done hairstyles in Kenya that cause hairline thinning are braids, some weaves, hair color, chemicals, treatment and even high buns. A receding hairline is not cute and in some instances causes low self-esteem.

Consult a specialist

  • You can consult your hair specialist or doctor, who might recommend some vitamins or supplements. As you consider this keep in mind the hairline regrowth will not be instant. A healthy diet made up of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and plenty of water will also help. Your doctor can also suggest medication that you can either apply or swallow to solve the problem.

Avoid tight hair-dos.

  • Some of the most embraced Kenyan hairstyles include tight braids, micro braids, tight ponytails, cornrows and tight weaves. Most of which leave you with a headache just as you walk out of the salon. All these are tight hairstyles that should be avoided in order to maintain an almost perfect hairline. Those tight hairstyles put tension on your hair strands and pull out your hair strands over time.

Use soft brushes

  • Avoid brushing your hair heavily when using brushes with tough bristles. This often rips the hair out as well as thinning the hairline areas.

Massage the hair and scalp

  • Massage your hair several times a week using castor oil, tea tree oil, and extra virgin olive oil to strengthen and reduce rapid hair loss especially at the edges.

Choose appropriate Kenyan hairstyles

  • Try different Kenyan hairstyles that bring back the life in you. You can achieve a glamorous look with natural hair at the base. Weaves, Crotchet braids, wigs and hair extensions can help you pull those Kenyan hairstyles you desire and still have you looking fabulous. When your hair grows back in place you can always choose to stay natural and still achieve whatever trendy hairstyles in Kenya you desire with natural hair. Would you like to get rid of that hairline thinning today?

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