Healthy Hair Habits To Adopt

Hair  -  9/02/2024
Healthy Hair Habits To Adopt

Healthy Hair Habits

We all want the length but are we ready to put in the work?

Tip # 1: Shampoo for Strength.

One of the most important steps in keeping your hair healthy begins with using a sulfate-free shampoo weekly.

Tip #2: Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Conditioning your hair every time you shampoo is equally important. Try using a leave-in conditioner once a week to keep your hair smooth and shiny. Look for a deep conditioning mask or make your own.

Tip #3: Limit Heat Whenever Possible

While everybody loves their hot styling tools like blow dryers, hot rollers and flat irons, the best way to avoid split ends is to skip the heat as much as you can

Tip #4: Eat a Hair Healthy Diet

Diet can play a key role in helping you achieve healthier, thicker hair. Your hair is made up of mostly protein, so a smart way to keep your hair strong is to eat protein-rich foods. Taking a multivitamin is also important because vitamin deficiencies can potentially cause hair loss.

Tip #5: Protect Your Hair from The Sun

In addition to fading color-treated hair, the sun can dry your locks, causing them to become brittle. Invest in a hat to wear when you’re spending time outside

Tip #6: Get Regular Haircuts

In an effort to make your hair grow faster, you may be tempted to skip a trim. But, this can actually lead to more split ends and breakage. Even if you want to grow your hair longer, it’s important to get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks