Help! How Many Hair Bundles Do I Need?

Uncategorized  -  7/02/2024
Help! How Many Hair Bundles Do I Need?

We get lots of questions from our customers about how much hair is needed for different styles. There’s nothing worse than washing your hair, braiding it and when time comes to installing the hair extensions, you realize that you don’t have enough. Even your hairstylist will feel so frustrated. No hairdresser wants you to leave the salon looking funny.

It’s so important to know just how many hair bundles you need for a specific look. It will help you in your next sew-in. Let’s look at a few ways to tell how many hair extensions you probably need.

1. What’s the length of the hair extensions?

If the hair extensions range from 10 inches to 14 inches long, you really should be able to use just two bundles. However, if you prefer the longer lengths, say 16, 18 and 20 inches or longer, you will probably need 3 bundles. But it depends on the size of your head. Sometimes you may need to get 5 bundles for lengths longer than 28 inches (that’s some super longer hair!).

2. Are you installing a closure?

Most people go for hair bundles and a closure to get that complete look. A closure is unlikely to take up the place of a whole bundle. So if you are installing 2 bundles of 12- 14 inches, you can buy a closure. It depends on the size of the closure. A closure can be 4.5 by 5 in size which is ideal if you use just two bundles.

3. Is it a straight or a curly weave?

Curly weaves tend to give a good volume compared to the straight one of the same length. You may get away with 3 bundles of a curly 18-inch weave but the same number of a straight weave will look funny. Curls give you a fuller look.

4. Is there a look you want to recreate?

Most models will use lots of hair when doing photoshoots and that’s why you often see the pics looking very full. The other thing stylists do when creating models hair is making the stitch and layers on the braids very close. If you want the hair to come out like what you saw in a model’s photo, make sure you find out just how many bundles were used.

BeautyClick’s hair bundles are measured in grams and the lengths range from 8 inches to 20 inches depending on the style. If you need high quality human bundles, get it from BeautyClick.