How to style your human hair extensions

Uncategorized  -  8/02/2024
How to style your human hair extensions

Human hair extensions are the in thing for any girl who desires to look beautiful. These extensions are used for many reasons. They could be for a casual look, a wedding or even for a more professional look. With most hairstyles, styling options are limited to a girl. If you have corn rows, you will wear the cornrows without styling them until you get your new hairstyle at the end of the month or after 3 weeks depending on how long you can have your cornrows on.

Hair extensions have made our lives easier and now you can style your extensions just like you would your natural hair.


Beautyclick offers some of the styling options available to you to switch up your look and boost your confidence.


Use a scarf

A scarf is a little piece of cloth that every girl should own for various reasons. In this case, your scarf could a great accessory to switch up your look for a more relaxed yet trendy look.

Use bobby pins

Bobby pins come in many fancy colors and designs and even sizes. They are little accessories but speak a great statement. You can be creative with the pins to create a colorful design that will melt your friends’ hearts and make it look like a hard task which has been simplified. With bobby pins, your hair extensions get new life.

Use a headband

Walking down the streets of Nairobi, there are lovely headbands at almost all vendors. Using these headbands to style your human hair extensions is a plus to your hair beauty.

Try these simple and easy to try ways of upping your hair game. As always, at Beautyclick we have your hair interests at heart. Shop at BeautyClick Webshop for the best hair extensions.