How to take care of your wig

Hair  -  9/02/2024
How to take care of your wig

There’s no denying that wigs are here to stay. Taking care of your wig is essential because how you care for your wig determines how long it will last.

We’ll walk you through quick and easy tips on how to take good care of your wig.

What to apply on the wig

Avoid products with mineral oils on your wig especially if it’s a curly wig. A water-based spray-on moisturizer is best. You can also make your own moisturizing spray by mixing one third glycerin and two-thirds water. You can also use silicon serum / spray in your hair to keep it silky, shiny, and tangle free. But remember that you only need a pea-sized amount- too much serum can build up on the hair, making it tangle and appear dull.

Can you wash/set the wig?

It depends on whether the wig is semi-human, synthetic or human hair. Semi Human Hair

How to prevent your wig from tangling

Human hair will tangle slightly less than semi-human or synthetic hair, but it is important to note that ALL hair will tangle to some degree. To minimize tangling, always brush the wig before washing it. Wash the wig in warm water with sulphate – free shampoo, taking care not to scrunch the hair as this will cause tangling.

How to prevent your wig from shedding

Don’t brush wigs with a tight curl. Instead, use your fingers to gently remove tangles or brush only when wet, with a wide-toothed comb. Don’t comb it more than twice a day – too much combing causes wigs to shed and frizz.

Do’s and Don’ts of washing your wig

After washing, we recommend air drying the wig. Gently pat the hair with a dry towel and leave it to stand. If you use a blow dryer, always use a medium heat setting. Don’t tug on the hair as it may loosen the weft and cause shedding.

More wig after care tips

Deep condition the hair regularly to maintain its optimal condition. The best way to maintain the health of your weave is to treat it like your own hair. 

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