How to wear a human hair weave If you have natural hair

Hair  -  8/02/2024
How to wear a human hair weave If you have natural hair

We understand the craze of going natural. It’s actually good to stop using chemical relaxers and exposing your natural hair to excess heat. But even as you slay with your natural hair, there are some human hair extensions that can work magic if you want you try out a different style.

So if you are keen on taking care of your natural hair, we will show you some protective and low manipulation styles that can be ideal when wearing a human hair weave. These styles will give you the ability to play around with different looks and avoid going weeks on end with the same look.

Let’s be natural while wearing virgin human hair bundles.

Here are a few styles to give you some awesome ideas.

Leave out very little hair to cover the tracks

Choose human hair bundles with textures close to your own hair

Don’t have the human hair weave for more than 6 weeks at a time

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