How to Wrap your Weave at Night

Hair  -  8/02/2024
How to Wrap your Weave at Night

Sleeping with hair extensions can be comfortable and safe. You just need to know how to secure your weave so that it doesn’t tangle or shed due to the moving and pulling when you sleep.

Braid the hair extensions

What length are your hair extensions? If your hair extensions are really long, you need to first secure them in a braid. Braiding the weave every night will make it easier to wrap and also prevent it from tangling when you brush it in the morning. You’ll also manage to keep the weave nice and tidy when you sleep so there’s little chances of the weave getting caught up when you roll over at night.

 The good thing with having the weave braided every night is that it forms a nice wave which you can use to pull off an effortless, natural wavy style in the morning. Just make sure you don’t pull the weave really tight when braiding it. The braid ensures hair extensions don’t move around or cause the bonds to tangle.

Brush the hair extensions first

Always make sure you brush your hair extensions before heading to bed. Doing this will help to remove any tangles that would make the hair shed when you prepare the next morning. Brush it nicely to remove any product build up from throughout the day.

Condition the hair extensions overnight

Whether you have a bonded or sew-in weave, conditioning the hair extensions helps to keep them soft and shiny. After brushing the hair extensions, apply a suitable conditioner over the ends and mid lengths of the weave. Make sure you do not apply the conditioner on the bonds. Once you’re done with the application, plait the extensions in a braid to keep it away from your face and also prevent tangling. You can remove the braid in the morning and enjoy your shiny and smooth hair extensions.


Other tips for sleeping with a weave on

–          If you have shorter hair extensions that cant be secured in a braid, consider tying them in a ponytail. Try and ensure the ponytail is not too tight and that it doesn’t put tension on the bonds.

–          A key rule is to never sleep with your hair extensions when wet. If you just washed them, allow the hair extensions to dry completely before you sleep.

–          If possible, get a satin pillow case since it offers a smoother surface and less friction reducing the risks of your hair extensions getting damaged when you move around.

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