Lessons You Can Learn from Sharon Mundia’s Stunning Hairstyles

Hair  -  8/02/2024
Lessons You Can Learn from Sharon Mundia’s Stunning Hairstyles

If there’s one Kenyan celebrity whose hair is always on point it’s Sharon Mundia of Thisisess.com. Well, Sharon Mundia is a popular fashion blogger so no wonder her hair always appears fabulous. We wonder whether the blogger has a glam team that designs different looks for her. Sharon has done different styles and each one of them turns out really amazing. She’s one of those girls who’s never afraid to try out something new.

Not everyone was blessed with thick and long hair; this is where hair extensions come into place. Whether she is rocking blonde, black or brunette, Sharon makes sure her weave and extension game is on point.

Here’s what we can borrow from Sharon Mundia’s amazing hair updos.

Make it look as natural as possible

Is that a weave or her natural hair? Key to making your human hair extensions look good is to make it look as natural as possible. That’s right. If your human hair weave doesn’t blend well with your natural hair, it’s easy for anyone to tell that you are actually wearing extensions. You need to keep these three things in mind when choosing hair extensions.

  •          The length of your hair
  •          Its texture
  •          And color

Experiment new styles and hair colors

Sharon Mundia has pulled off different hair colors only to look stunning in every single one of them. If you’ve always wanted to try out a different hair color, then perhaps this is your time to shine. You know what they say, life’s too short to have boring hair days!

Confidence makes you shine

Guess why Sharon Mundia is able to pull off such stunning looks? She’s confident of course. If you decide to put on hair extensions, carry your look with confidence. Forget what others say if you know you look good and love your new look.

Choose natural hair extensions

Synthetic hair can seem cheap and easy to get but there’s something about natural human hair extensions that celebrities like Sharon Mundia absolutely love. Human hair extensions are easier to style and they don’t need a lot of maintenance. Virgin hair extensions can last for many years so you don’t have to think of replacing the hair anytime soon. You can color, straighten and curl the hair as much as you like. No wonder Sharon is able to look different every single day and protect her natural hair underneath.

Celebrities wear hair extensions

Well known personalities like Sharon Mundia don’t have a lot of time on their hands to remove and install synthetic hair as often as most people do. That’s why they choose human hair extensions. With human hair, they are able to master different styles, add volume to their hair and make it look super healthy.

So if you wish to have Sharon Mundia’s hair, all you need is a trip to the salon, and of course your favorite human hair extensions from BeautyClick.