Mother’s Day Special – Celebrating of Super Mums

Mother’s Day Special – Celebrating of Super Mums

Mother’s Day is a special day set aside to celebrate all mothers and motherhood in general. It is celebrated every year across the world, on the second Sunday of May, to honor the women who not only gave birth to us, but those who raised us and sacrificed a lot for their children. This year, we spoke to four women who told us about their motherhood journey.


Joan Obwaka


Joan, who is famously known as Yummy Mummy, is a Beauty Brand Influencer and a mother of two. We spoke to her about her favorite things as well as the challenges she faces as a mum. “I have so many favourite things about being a mum but if I was to choose one then I would say watching my kids learn something new every day.” She said excitedly. She add, “For instance, watching my daughter learn a new word and it is the only word she is going to say for like a whole week is fascinating. I also love watching her discover the world around her.” Joan adds that the greatest challenge she faces is the feeling and guilt of not being good enough. “Anytime you are not with your kids you feel like you should be with them; you are disturbed thinking about what they are dong, whether they are missing you, or whether they are okay.” She says.
Joan also shared the reason why she loves BeautyClick. “I love BeautyClick because for me it is one brand that really understands women. Whether you are a mum or not, whether a single mum or a wife, everyone wants to feel beautiful and for me, BeautyClick does exactly that! It gives you easy access to products that make you feel and look amazing! She concludes. You can follow her on Instagram


Dorcas Kananu Kilemi

Dorcas, a mother of two, works in the vast sales and marketing industry. Her favorite thing about being a mum is watching her kids grow. “For instance, I have seen Emmanuel grow from a child into a young man and I am looking forward to seeing Denzel follow in the same steps. There is always something new happening in my life every day and it is all courtesy of them.” She says excitedly. Dorcas admits bringing up these little men to be responsible members of the society while trying to balance between career and family is the greatest challenge.
“The reason why I love BeautyClick is that sometimes we get too engrossed in raising our babies until we forget who we are, but BeautyClick gives us advice on how we can still look good as we do all the balancing.” She says excitedly, concluding that at BeautyClick, you get the best advice on hair, makeup, and other beauty related issues. You can find Dorcas on LinkedIn @Dorcas Kananu Kilemi.  


Mahadia Omar

Mahadia Omar is an online sales and marketing professional. She is a mother of one and what excites her about motherhood is all the milestones she watched her son overcome, like sitting up by himself, making his first step, saying his first word, his first day at school. “Basically anything he does for the first time is a huge joy!” Mahadia says as her face lights up with pride. The biggest challenge she faces as a mum, however, is when her son falls sick and it rubs on her greatly. “It makes me sad because there is little I can do about that. Worse is, he cannot tell me what is wrong and that is a big challenge.” She says, sadly.
She is glad to identify with BeautyClick because she is finally able to look and feel great despite the challenges of motherhood. “BeautyClick has filled a beauty gap for me as they are a source of any beauty product that I need.” She concludes. Connect with her on Instagram


Nancy Njeri


Also known as Mama Milly, Nancy Njeri is a businesswoman and a mother of 7 who finds pleasure in having her children together especially during the holidays and other work breaks. “We share the joy and the experiences we have been through, and that to me is enough.” She says. As for the challenges she faced as a mum she says, “There were a lot of challenges bringing them up but it is normal to have problems in homes. Luckily, they all stood up with me through thick and thin and now I can confidently say, none of them can complain about their upbringing.”
“Beauty is for everybody. There is no time you can say there is no beauty. There is no time you can say that a woman is not beautiful and so am proud that BeautyClick can involve people of my age set in their shoots and considering us in their product selection and marketing.” Mama Milly said when we asked her what she thinks about BeautyClick.