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African Pride Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Twist & Loc Smoothie 12 oz.African Pride Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Twist & Loc Smoothie 12 oz.

African Pride Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Twist & Loc Smoothie 12 oz.

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About the product

African Pride Shea Miracle Twist & Loc Smoothie for Natural Hair Ultra hydration for dry loops, twists, and locs. It gives astounding reasonability, delicateness, and shine to normal hair. Shea Butter is Nature’s predominant detangling cream. This moisture special recipe removes dryness, upgrades body, bounce, and luster. Normal utilization of Twist and Loc Smoothie helps: Hydrate and relax locs, loops, and twists style hair with no development or build-up keeping the scalp hydrated & giving you fuller look. Shea Butter Miracle gives astounding manageability, delicate quality, and shine to characteristic hair. For characteristic hair. Ultra-hydration for air-dry loops, twists, and locs.

Why you would love this product

This moisture intense formula helps eliminate dryness, enhances body bounce and shine. Regular use of Twist & Loc Smoothie helps: Hydrate and soften locs, coils, and curls Style hair with no build-up or residue Keep scalp moisturized.


How to Use

Hydrate Locs, Coils, and Curls: Rub a generous amount of smoothie between your palms. Gently finger comb section-by-section from roots to ends. Continue stretching and elongating curls until satisfied with your curl definition. Do not rinse. Natural Styling Suggestions: Try a Two Strand Twist by applying smoothie to damp or dry hair, twisting each section. The more you twist the more you can define the size and length of the curl. Air dry, blow dry w/diffuser or dry under the hood. Untwist each section for a fuller look or just leave twisted for a tighter look.

Featured Ingredients 

African Shea Butter & Herbal Oil Extracts



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