Canvas Cosmetic Savannah Matte Liquid Lipstick -7.8MLCanvas Cosmetic Savannah Matte Liquid Lipstick -7.8ML

Canvas Cosmetic Savannah Matte Liquid Lipstick -7.8ML

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Meet your new beauty essential for a captivating, confident look.

Diverse Shades: Choose from 6 stunning shades, ranging from hot red to dark chocolate, ensuring a perfect match for every style. Our lipstick containers are glass-based to ensure optimal quality hygiene.
To avoid damage damage please refrain from dropping onto hard surfaces.
Our Product Is Formulated in Italy.

Side Note:
If you have dryer lips please moisturize slightly with a simple lip balm and apply matte lipstick.


1. Velvet Finish: Experience a luxuriously soft feel on your lips. Our non-sticky and non-drying formula provides unmatched comfort, making you forget you’re even wearing it.
2. Long-lasting: Glide on effortlessly, and be amazed as the lipstick stays strong even after a few drinks, ensuring a lasting and vibrant look throughout the day.
3. Precision Applicator: Our applicator works wonders, providing flawless lip definition for a polished finish.
4. Cruelty-Free: Enjoy guilt-free beauty with our vegan ingredients, aligning with your commitment to cruelty-free products.


Apply on moisturized lips and layer to match your coverage needs. #KURTip: Prep your lips by exfoliating any dead skin for a smooth application!

  • 1. Is your makeup original?
    All the makeup we carry is from authorized distributors of each brand either locally or overseas.
  • 2. How do I place an order?
    If you have any issues placing your order, feel free to call, text or WhatsApp us on 0700 5524 56 or contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or web live chat.
  • 3. Does Makeup Expire?
    There is no definitive answer but once opened, makeup expires between 4 months and 2 years, depending on makeup type, usage, and exposure to bacteria. As a guide, keep makeup away from heat and don’t use your fingers to apply it. If the colour or smell change or if it irritates your skin, stop using the product.
  • 4. How do I learn which makeup is best for me?
    Our Customer Service are trained to consultant and provide beauty advice. Just contact our agents for tips and suggestions of the best products for your needs.
  • 5. Can the makeup be returned?
    We only accept returns if the wrong product was delivered or on the spot if the client is no longer interested in the product. You can only return an unused product and in the same condition that it was when receiving it.


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