Step by step guide to apply your makeup.

Makeup  -  9/02/2024
Step by step guide to apply your makeup.

If you are a makeup newbie all the products can be confusing or overwhelming. Don’t worry, today we will walk you through it step by step to get this final look.


Before you think of doing your makeup you have to understand your skin type, is it oily, dry or normal skin.  This way you get to use makeup that is good for your skin type. People use the makeup they buy without factoring their skin type and end up blaming the makeup brand which is not usually the cause of their problems most of the time.

If your skin is oily, you could an use oil free base primer and foundation that hydrates and it moisturizes your skin, this is also good for all skin types. If your skin is dry you could use mattifying makeup and for normal skin you could use almost anything.

When doing your makeup, you could choose to start with your eyes or face first. I choose to start with my eyes and brows for certain reasons like I might mess a lot while cleaning my brows and end up ruining the foundation. I also choose to do my eye shadow after my eyebrows because most eye shadow pallets have fallout. If you do your eye shadow after your foundation you can still choose to use your loose powder but we will talk about that later.


For a clean simple look, you have to shape your eyebrows first then brush your brows up and trim the excess, this will help you do your brows perfectly in a few minutes. Take a good brush and brush your brows up from the front and take the brow shape while going to the end.

Take your pomade or pencil and apply on your brows starting from the tail coming to the front and leave the front part. Take your brush and start brushing from the tail and you’ll have product that you’ll use at the front. This will give you a realistic look. Once you are done take your concealer and clean up the lower and upper part of your brows and give it the shape you want.

Eye shadow

You can choose to use tape to have a clean look but you could also clean up with concealer. Prime your eyelids, this is very important since it helps your eyelids not dry up and make the eye shadow look dusty. Apply concealer to give it a consistent layer then do your eye shadow.

If you want a simple look just use one or two colors, a lighter shade and a slightly darker one. start with the dark one at the end and blend it inwards. Then do the lighter color still starting from the end blending inwards. This isn’t necessarily the correct way as long as you start outwards blending inward with whatever colors you are using. Remove your tape or clean the fallout afterward.


Prime your face before anything else, take care of your skin. If you use a color corrector to conceal dark under eyes then start with that and spread it out evenly. But if you need to cover dark spots I realized you have to do that after foundation because after a while my spots were still visible. This doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it but this worked for me. Wet your brush or blender just a little bit, put your foundation on and blend it out with your brush or blender. Conceal your under eyes and nose bridge with a concealer that is one or two shades lighter and evenly blend it out. Don’t go any lighter to avoid major flashback. Use a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation to cover your visible dark spots.


Pick your translucent loose setting powder and put it under your eyes, at the middle of your brows and in between your jawline and cheekbones and around your mouth if you get really oily. If your powder has silica then you need to brush it off immediately because if you let it set then it gives you flashback. If not let it set/bake.

Contour your nose, cheekbones and jawline and blend it in till the sharp lines are completely blended in. Then brush off everything with a powder that is of your skin tone.

Highlight and set

Highlight your cheekbones, nose , mouth bridge and upper lip. Do your lips and eyebrows lip and set your makeup with a setting spray.

 Makeup by Ann Kessy