You can still rock your hair extensions and take care of your hairline

Uncategorized  -  8/02/2024
You can still rock your hair extensions and take care of your hairline

The hair extensions trend has stolen many girls’ hearts; from celebrities to kawaida girls, they wear their extensions with grace. A little more length for a girl doesn’t hurt. With human hair extensions, the temptation to dye or style is inescapable, plus the process of installing is not painful.

For most naturalistas, the thought of having a weave on is a raw deal to their kinky hair. Think about how to protect your mane and still look good without having to involve heat in their daily or weekly regimen. How is the weave installed and removed once it has served its term? Think about the weight of the hair extensions on your natural hair.

Hair extensions that are heavier than your natural hair will strain even your scalp and break your hair. I bet you all have met a lady who swears by weaves to hide that receding hairline that needs redemption from pulling. Even after months of having a weave, the hairline still is not healthy but worse than it actually was.

To avoid a strained hairline and healthy natural hair, go to a professional stylist who will handle your natural hair with care. After visiting a salon and having the best service, we walk away and do not show up for months and only come back to have it removed. Please, please if you love your mane and your hairline, do not try this at all.

After a month of installation, go back to your stylist to have them check the condition of your hair. If there is a piece that is pulling on your hair, the stylist will remove it and re-install. Caring for your hair extensions at home is important. Desist from pulling on your extensions while styling.

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